Completing Courses

Dg & Safety offers web users the ability to complete CASA-accredited online dangerous good training.

To be able to complete courses, users require a unique Login ID & Password.

There are two ways to obtain a Login ID & Password:

1. Corporate Customer

If you are a corporate customer, then you will have been sent an email containing a login id and password.  Simply click on the "login" icon, enter your login details and complete your course.

2. Private Registration

If you are not a corporate customer and you require CASA-accredited dangerous goods training, you will be required to complete the registration process.

Simply click on the orange "REGISTER" icon and follow the registartion & payment process.

Ensure you select the appropriate dangerous goods course. If in doubt, please ask your employer which course best suits your needs.

After the registration process, an email will be sent to your email addresss containing your unique login details and instructions on how to access and complete the course. Simply click on the "login" icon in the email, enter your login details and complete your course.


How long does the course take?

It can take up to four hours.

Do I have to complete the course in one go?

No. You can log out of & back into the course as many times as you want. When you log back in again, after a time away, the system will remember where you left off. You will have to complete the online exam however in on sitting.

What about the exam?

Only after completing all modules, a yellow exam icon will appear, allowing you to sit the final "multiple choice" exam. Remember! - as mentioned above, the final exam must be completed in one go. An 80% pass mark is requred to pass the exam.

How do I get my certificate after successfully completing the course?

After successfully completing your course, a PDF icon will appear of your dangerous good certificate. Simply click on the PDF & save your certificate to your digital devise.







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